Looking for great resources to help your writing or getting published? Here are a variety of information-packed materials we have created just for you.

Creating An Outstanding Book Cover That Sells

Your book cover is the one thing that stands between you and a potential customer. And yes, your book will be judged by its cover. With the flood of new books on the market today, you MUST capture someones attention if you want sales. That is why we created this tutorial. It is busting at its digital seams with information on how to create an outstanding cover for your new book.

You will learn the 5 Fundamental Elements of Design that you must get correct so your book gets noticed. Next we  teach you how to Craft the Perfect Title for your work. Finally, you will learn all the tips and techniques on Putting It Altogether so your book captures the attention of readers and creates more sales.

Hiring and Working with Ghostwriters

Do you have an idea or concept for a great book, but lack the writing skills or time to complete a full manuscript? That’s where a ghostwriter comes in. A ghostwriter will use your concepts and ideas and turn them into a full-length manuscript. What’s more, your name goes on the final product instead of theirs!

In this comprehensive guide you will learn about project budgeting, where to find ghostwriters, tips and strategies for getting an excellent writer, and negotiating for best price. We have even included ways to avoid legal pitfalls, guidelines on project schedules, and 5 sample scripts for you to use in the hiring process.

If you want to get your book idea out of your head and onto paper, but lack the time, get this comprehensive guide today!


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Ghostwriter Contract

As the name says, this is a contract to be used when hiring a ghostwriter. This is an inexpensive piece of insurance that will protect you and the ghostwriter should any difficulties arise.


Ghostwriter Nondisclosure Agreement

This Nondisclosure Agreement was developed specifically for working with ghostwriters. Use it to protect all your proprietary information while your writer prepares your manuscript.


Ghostwriter Guide, NDA, and Contract Bundle

Save 20% by purchasing our Ghostwriter Bundle which includes the Comprehensive Guide, Nondisclosure Agreement, and Contract.


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