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Graphics and Images and Pictures! Oh My!

As an author, you’re going to need graphics, pictures, or clipart at some point. Whether for a blog post, book cover, or your website, we all eventually must source high quality images. And, being budget conscious, we usually want them for free or at least as...

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7 Steps to Great SEO for Indie Authors

Note: The following piece was adapted from content created my Miral Sattar, CEO of Bibliocrunch. She is a media industry veteran of 15 years. During her employment at TIME Magazine, she developed and implemented an SEO strategy that enabled the publication to be one...

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9 Tips for a Great Book Description

More often than not, I find that authors have a difficult time writing a great book description. You know, that little blurb on the back cover of a paperback or inside flap of a hard back. The cause for this is actually very understandable, however....

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Amazon Keywords for Indie Authors

As an indie author, are you familiar with what keywords are, and how they help your book sales? Are your book’s keywords optimized on Amazon? How do you select keywords, and how often should you revisit them? I’m going to address these topics in today’s post as well...

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