A Primer on ISBNs – Part 1

When on-boarding a new client, I invariably get asked about ISBNs. What are they? Do I need one (or several)? Where do I get them? Does my eBook need one? These are all valid questions, and to get definitive answers, I always go to the source - that is, R.R. Bowker...

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Using A Ghostwriter to Create Your Manuscript

How often have you seen books supposedly written by a celebrity or politician? I say supposedly because I know how involved writing can be; much more so to produce a great manuscript worth reading. It may come as a surprise to you, but the vast majority of these types...

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7 Ways Self-Publishers Fail at Cover Designs

We’ve all seen them. On Amazon. In Barnes and Noble. Perhaps at the airport or at the book store on the clearance rack next to last year’s calendars and day planners. Yes, I’m talking about ugly book covers. Usually, a well-meaning author tried to save a few bucks and...

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