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Scammers Among Us – Authors and Writers Beware!

When invited to do this blog post, I gave quite a bit of thought as to what I could offer to the writing community that they don’t see in a dozen or more blog posts daily. It was while I was checking messages on my Facebook account that the following idea came to me....

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How and Why to Write a Professional Author Bio

Understand that your author bio is on the same level of importance as your book cover, title, and description. This is especially true if you’re an up-and-coming author trying to establish yourself and build your platform. In short, if you’re not a household-name...

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Copyright Page Creation for Self-publishers

The copyright page of a book is often seen as a nebulous array of text and numbers. And, if you’re an independent author, trying to determine what to include and what to omit can be downright confusing. Have no fear! Softpress is here to save the day and explain...

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