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About Softpress Publishing

It's a pleasure to meet you!

Hi, I’m William Parker – Professional Project Manager, Book Designer, and Publisher. My goal: to help you share your passion about what you write, inspire your audience, and live your dreams of being a published author.

I do this by working one-on-one with you to understand exactly what you envision for your book and then employ my team of professional designers, editors, and proofreaders to create a final product you will be proud of and excited to share with everyone.

What We Do

As a remarkable Independent Author, we know you have a passion to share your unique message and that your work is very special to you. We also understand the difficulties and disappointment involved with getting a traditional publisher to even look at a manuscript, let alone publish it. As such, we are a non-traditional publisher and prefer it that way. Our services provide an affordable and personalized alternative to self-publication without the complexities or steep learning curve. This saves you frustration, time, and money.


Unlike traditional, hybrid, or vanity publishers, our clients keep 100% of their royalties as well as retain all rights to their manuscript. Therefore, you own your book from day one and can begin reaping the rewards of your hard work immediately.


We take great pride in building and publishing only the best books written by remarkable Independent Authors. This ensures that we maintain the high standards of our imprint and bring only the best books to market.


We empower you to fulfill your passion and get about the business of sharing your distinctive message with your audience by taking away your stress and worry and publishing your work quickly and efficiently by leveraging our expertise in the publishing industry. While traditional publishers may take 18-24 months to get your book to market, our streamlined approach will get you from completed manuscript to published book in as little as 3 months! All without sacrificing quality.

Our Promise

We promise to take the time to get to know you and understand exactly what you desire for your book project. Then we will develop a comprehensive plan and proposal to deliver on your dreams. Further, we will deliver to you a book of the finest quality; as real and professional as any traditional publisher. The praise of your audience is our greatest satisfaction.

My Story

As a 24+ year professional in the engineering industry, I was able to gain priceless project management experience with a strong focus on client satisfaction as well as develop a keen eye for detail through my design work. Much of my time, when I wasn’t designing, was spent reading, writing, and editing all manner of technical documents for the various companies and clients I worked for. However, I longed to expand my writing skills and abilities and create a host of books in the self-help genre. Softpress Publishing was just a dream at this point, but it was in my discovery of self-publishing that I was able to achieve my goal.


Through careful study and diligent hard work with other professionals in the publishing industry, I learned the tedious process of writing and self-publishing nearly a dozen books. It was at this point that I realized the potential to help inexperienced and aspiring writers get their own unique messages into print. With that, Softpress publishing was born!


Today, Softpress Publishing serves remarkable independent authors by bringing their unique messages to life through Digital, Hardback, and Print-on-Demand publications as well as audiobook options across a variety of platforms. By offering complete project management and a vast array of professional resources to its clients, each book is ensured to be the best it can be for the identified target audience.

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