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Who We Are

As a remarkable Independent Author, we know you have a passion to share your unique message and that your work is very special to you. We also understand the difficulties and frustrations in getting a traditional publisher to even look at a manuscript, let alone publish it, as well as the hurdles and steep learning curve that go with self-publishing.

However, we empower you to fulfill your passion and get about the business of sharing your distinctive message with your audience by taking away the worry and frustration and publishing your work quickly and efficiently by leveraging our expertise in the publishing industry.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"I postponed writing a book for a very long time due to my lack of knowledge of the publishing world. William Parker's expertise in publishing and his instructional manner removed the fear from the process. He gave clear, concise feedback and allowed me to fulfill my desire to share my own expertise through the written word. I am looking forward to working with him again on my next project."

Kim Yarborough

Civility Nation

Contemporary Etiquette Training

"I want to thank my publisher, William C. Parker, for all his support the past 3 months.

When you're wanting to publish a book
Please give Softpress a look
William's the one
He makes writing fun
He will help you sharpen your hook"

Cliff Feightner

"Poetry Man"

"Working with William Parker at Softpress Publishing was a joy. He works with complete professionalism and is a mixture of accessible teacher and confident mentor. From the first email and phone call of our working relationship to the final days before launch and after, William made me feel heard, empowered, and relaxed publishing my first book. He is knowledgeable, smart, savvy, and offers wonderful judgement in a business he is most competent and I was a novice. The services provided by Softpress Publishing are second to none and yielded timely turn around times. The book cover created was refined with my input and has been received powerfully by my readership. I was given timelines, deliverables, and marketable materials to use to reach all of my goals set with Softpress Publishing. I'm such a complete fan that I am already nearing completion of my second book and will be utilizing their business again in the near future. This is the beginning of a long and lucrative partnership as writer and publishing firm. I highly recommend Softpress Publishing to authors, both novice and veterans, and look forward to working with William and Softpress Publishing very soon."

Candice Smith

Chief 187® Chatter

"William of Softpress Publishing was very professional and a pleasure to work with. Laid out my baby food cookbook and was excellent in communication and keeping me updated on progress and next steps. I was going to attempt to do it myself, and after I see all the work involved and the final product I am soooo glad I went with Softpress Publishing. I would recommend everyone choose Softpress if you’re planning to publish a book. Their professional experience and advice will be well worth it!"

Steve Scheetz

Moonbow Baby

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