Softpress Publishing Services

We offer a full complement of professional publishing services and resources so you will be excited about your final product and confident your audience will love it.

Project Management

A professional product begins with professional project management. We work one-on-one with each of our authors to ensure all aspects of your book development are handled with care and nothing is missed. By managing every aspect of your project, you can be confident the final product will be one that you will love sharing with your audience.

Proofreading and Editing

A final manuscript is only as good as the proofreading and editing it receives. While these are often overlooked services, your final product is too important to skip these steps. Numerous typos and grammatical errors will turn off your audience and could possibly affect your reputation as an expert and authority in your niche. Let us provide professional proofreading and/or editing services to ensure your final product is a book you will be proud of.

Layout and Formatting

You want to draw your audience into your message, not push them away. Inconsistent margins, poor paragraph spacing, and ugly graphics are only a few of the things that can make your book difficult to read. That’s why we include professional layout and formatting with every publishing contract. Your readers will appreciate this extra effort and so will you.

Cover Design

Yes, your book will be judged by its cover. In fact, your cover, much more so than what’s captured between, is the key determining factor of whether or not your book sells. We work with top book cover designers, not just graphic artists, who will help you create the perfect cover for your new manuscript. Want some free guidance? Click the link to get our free ebook “Your Guide to Creating an Amazing Book Cover That Sells.

Audiobook Creation

Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular these days. More people are on the go and offering your book in audio form provides a convenient resource for those who would prefer to listen rather than read. Why limit your audience to paper or ebooks when you can increase sales and get your message to more people through the power of audio? We can provide a turnkey audiobook or coach you through the process. Contact us today to find out more.

Short Ebooks and Lead Magnets

Not an author, but would still like to have a short ebook or lead magnet for your website? We can take your presentations, workshop materials, or keynotes and turn them into digital products for your audience. Use these ebooks as lead magnets or as a simple calling card to reach more clients. We can make the process simple and painless.

Web Hosting for Book Content

Some authors desire to provide extra content outside of their published works. This is a great way to build a platform and advertise future publications you may be working on. Whether you need a simple web page or a dedicated website, we can get you up and running in short order using WordPress themes and other powerful tools. We offer complete turnkey packages and on-going maintenance options as well as tutorials to train you on updating your own content.