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Softpress publishing began in 2014 as a small company mainly focused on providing quality ebooks for the world market on a variety of topics including diet, homeschooling, and self-help. Concentrating primarily on Amazon’s Kindle format provided traction for this start-up and led to Print-On-Demand issues of some of the more popular titles.

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Today, Softpress Publishing has broadened its horizons to serve Coaches, Speakers, and other Entrepreneurs by bringing their messages to life through Digital and Print-on-Demand publications as well as audiobook options across a variety of platforms. By offering complete project management and a vast array of professional resources to its clients, each book is ensured to be the best it can be for the identified target audience.

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What’s more, by using a streamlined approach to publishing, clients who might not otherwise be given any opportunities through traditional publishing companies now have an affordable option to get their message into print and into the hands of those they serve. All this is done much faster than traditional publishing as well. The typical project can go from manuscript to published book in as little as 3 months!

And, as has always been the case, clients of Softpress Publishing retain 100% of their royalties for all book sales. Fees are once and done with no hidden charges or fine print surprises. All copyrights are held by the client as well so you can rest easy knowing your book belongs to you.

What You Need to Know About Getting Published

In today’s world you have many options to get your book published:

  • Send your manuscript to hundreds of traditional publishers and then sit back and wait as the rejection letters begin pouring in. All the while hoping that one, just one, will give you that huge advance and great exposure skyrocketing your book to the NY Times Best Seller List. Or more realistically should you garner the attention of a single publisher, you may receive a small advance and have your book published in 18 months with no marketing assistance from the publishing company and only receive pennies in royalties for each sale.
  • Acting as your own Project Manager, you can subcontract out every aspect of the publishing process and hope for the best. After all, you do know how to hire a quality book cover designer, right? Can your neighbor who teaches grade school English do your editing and proofreading for you? Perhaps your nephew who is ‘good with computers’ can figure out how to format your book for Kindle and make it look professional. How long will all this take? Did you miss a step somewhere? Are you sure?
  • Start your own publishing company then learn all the ins and outs and tricks of the trade to get your one book published which often leads to investing thousands of dollars and more time than it took you to write your book just to get published. You’re confident in your proofreading and editing abilities aren’t you? How about cover design? (People will judge your book by its cover!) Does formatting a book to Kindle come natural to you? How will you print your books and get them shipped economically? It can be very overwhelming to say the least.
  • Hire a professional publisher to give you all the benefits of self-publishing without all the headache and frustration of trying to do it yourself. Softpress Publishing is that publisher! We will be your professional project manager and advisor through the entire process. Your book will get published in a timely manner, for a reasonable, one-time fee, and the end result will be a high quality book you will be proud to share with your audience.

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